CNN’s Hypocrisy After “Peaceful Protesters” Target Fake News

Once the George Floyd riots started to engulf the city of Atlanta, lots of people were forced to make some very difficult decisions. The rioters caused untold amounts of damage to various businesses, residences and vehicles. CNN’s offices were victimized by all of the unrest. Their walls were sprayed with graffiti and their windows were broken.

Now that the riots are clearly not going anywhere anytime soon, CNN has decided that they need to fortify the premises. They do not wish to be attacked again. Like any normal business, they elected to take the time to put up a wall. This would not be newsworthy if it didn’t go against everything that CNN has to say.

CNN has discovered a new appreciation for walls.

The CNN Center in Atlanta added some imposing metal fencing after their building was attacked during violent protests after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last month.

Photos of the new barriers were posted to Twitter Friday by Townhall reporter Julio Rosas.

On May 29, a storm of protesters descended on the building, smashing windows and cheering. They were given a boost a day later by rapper Killer Mike, who called out the network in a press conference.

The hypocrisy has been placed on full display and we cannot stop laughing at how ridiculous they seem. We thought that building walls was a bad thing, CNN. We thought that you guys were supportive of the protesters. As soon as they got a small taste of the brutality that the rioters were willing to dish out, they tucked their tails between their legs and hid.

That’s because CNN does not believe any of the stuff that they have to say. Now, the Atlanta CNN Center is surrounded by metal fencing. The new barriers were posted on Twitter, giving everyone the chance to see what CNN really thinks of them. While the news network was forced to deal with some damages, they received no real push back from the usual sources.

Atlanta superstars T.I. and Killer Mike were pleading with local residents to stop the damages at first. Killer Mike himself has police members in his family. He can relate to the challenges that they face each day. That’s why he let the world know that he did not agree with such actions. Killer Mike would soon pivot, though.

It wasn’t long before he was calling the network out for their handling of the coverage. This is one network that is certainly upsetting all of the liberals. It would be much funnier if they were not actively trying to do so at the moment. CNN prides themselves on pandering to the liberals but once the rappers who support them are fed up, that’s the final straw.

Why does CNN even need to worry this much? Their building is safe. The damages weren’t even that bad. They were fine with calling the protesters “peaceful” up until the very second that they were made to feel nervous. This is the modern liberal in a nutshell: very happy to act supportive as long as they are not being affected by what takes place in the world around them.

As soon as they are forced to deal with it, their mentality changes completely. These are the same folks who wanted us to believe that all of the walls in the world are bad. Why don’t they take the same rhetoric that they were sending towards Trump’s border wall and apply it to their own actions? That would be too easy, though. The liberals are not too big on accountability these days.

They thought that it was really funny when the White House decided to put more fencing and we saw lots of jokes at their expense. It’s not an exact parallel at all but that’s how they roll. They make their silly jokes and expect everyone to laugh anyway. Meanwhile, folks with common sense can see through these games and they are more than willing to call out the hypocrisy as soon as they see it.

In CNN’s defense, we are not going to be hypocritical either. The destruction of public property is never acceptable, whether you are a fan of the institution in question or not. CNN should have the same protections under the rule of law as any other company and we will not compromise on that. We will laugh a whole lot at their contradictory nature, though.


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