CNN and Establishment Dems React to Sander’s NH Win

Senator Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary and this should have led to normal discussions about what this means for the rest of the race. Instead, the conversation had to spiral into a weird direction. It would not be CNN if it didn’t. The reactions to this win were always going to be fascinating and they did not disappoint.

Of course, the CNN army of liberals were crowing and gloating up a storm. Leave it to them to get this jacked up over an early primary victory. The election is still several months away and they are already acting as if Bernie is going to be the definite winner. Establishment Democrats do not share their level of enthusiasm on these matters, though.

David Axelrod is a former adviser to Barack Obama and he’s offering up some sobering thoughts on these matters. In his mind, the moderate candidates are the ones that we need to be keeping an eye on. Sure, Bernie might be the story now but he will be able to keep this up into November?

No one knows. Van Jones is drinking the Bernie Kool-Aid in the meantime, though. He views him as the candidate that is going to be able to rally everyone together and get support from all demographics. Jones went on to say that Bernie is “on the march”. There is one thing that he is 100 percent correct about, however.

The establishment is not a fan of him and it is doubtful that they are ever going to get on board. The Democratic party is centrist in nature. They are not looking to be pushed to the far left but this is what Sanders wants to do. Van Jones is also comparing the rise of Bernie to the rise of Trump, in the sense that people kept predicting that Trump would eventually lose steam.

There is a chance that the two campaigns could mirror each other but that remains to be seen. Anderson Cooper was also on the Bernie train, marveling at all of the smaller donations that he has been able to collect from lower income voters. All Cooper was doing was tossing the alley oop to Bernie’s former campaign staffer, who just so happened to be present for all of the fawning that was taking place.

Alexandria Rojas says that none of this is a fluke and that Bernie’s rise is the product of all the hard work that he has put in. Jess McIntosh once worked for Hillary Clinton but she could not contain her excitement, either. It was one big Bernie love fest. He’s been crowned as the front runner of the Democratic party at the current moment.

Things tend to change quickly, though. Axelrod seemed to be the only one who was willing to get real about things. He is not about to be lured into the far left bubble with the rest of the Bernie stans. Axelrod pointed out that Sanders is only winning these primaries with 25 percent of the vote. That is a far cry from the Jones spin about him bringing all of the people out.

When Axelrod tried to offer facts in the midst of all this spin, the rest of the commentators decided to talk over him instead. He would not have gotten a word in edgewise if Anderson Cooper hadn’t forced them to stop longer. This is indicative of the Bernie fan base mentality as a whole. They do not want to hear any facts and they simply talk over anyone who offers more rational commentary on the topic.

The moderate candidates definitely need to be monitored going forward. Klobuchar and Buttigieg are not going anywhere. They each have their fair share of supporters. The far left might think that they are going to get their way with Bernie but we have a long way to go. There is no need to get too invested in the results of early primaries.

Nights like these make us wonder what people are going to do over the course of this election cycle. If Team Bernie is this over the top in February, what will happen if he has any sort of traction come springtime? We shudder to think of how outlandish the opinions are going to become.

CNN is already drawing a line in the sand and letting everyone know who they are rooting for. This sort of gambit could end up backfiring on them terribly. No one should be trying to make any bold predictions at this point but that is not going to stop the fake news companies from trying.


  1. If Bernie gets elected the United States will no longer be a free society or at peace. Our rights as citizens will no longer exist. The government will own everything including your property and YOU. God forbid that he wins. Think about it even the democrats don’t want him to win.

  2. Sanders is like President Trump, he will do as he promise. He will not be brought off as all the rest of the Democrats. I do not agree with Sanders views, and its be bad for the country. Our only hope is give President Trump another 4 years.

  3. Bernie is a communist (I know, he prefers socialist, but socialist is a sugar coated communist) and there are many things you can count on for a communist to do: lie a lot (he loves to talk about his $25-$30 million war chest provided by small donors), I don’t believe it ( a few years ago Rush Limbaugh was being shuffled off his radio show because hundreds of thousands of small people demanded it (it turned out that there were about ten people with a software program which generated these thousands of complaints, all appearing to come from individual people)-I believe Bern has adapted this technology to make very large donations look like they came from thousands of people; this would be corrupt and crooked, but that is the second thing communists do very well; his persona is a very angry (but benign) old curmudgeon, but if you listen to some of his hirelings you can see clearly that their plans for “we the people” is no different than they have been by every communist government, ever-all non believers must be reeducated and missing the reeducation piece is to result in extermination. No communist has anything to offer to people who want liberty and freedom.

  4. Bernie and the DNC are trying their best to sell their idea of “SOFT” Socialism, like one inch at a time, slowly, not to upset anyone while they do their dirty work of taking over our country without firing a shot. ( Nikita Kruchev’s words 1960’s). What they really want is pure Communism. I say; NOT without a war. May be time to Lock and Load.

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