CNN Accuses Trump Of North-Korean Style Punishment For Vindmann Twins

Monday’s episode of The Situation Room on CNN was an interesting one, for sure. Jeffrey Toobin, a legal analyst for the channel that identifies as a liberal, decided to go way over the top. His statements were hyperbolic to say the least. When Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman and his brother were fired from their post by Trump, he made an insane comparison.

He likened the decision to “North Korean” style torture. It is like words do not even have meanings anymore. We are not sure where he is even getting the comparison from. Have any of these people been executed? To the best of our knowledge, they have not. Why on Earth would you draw such a faulty comparison?

People lose their jobs every day and go on to find new ones. That is how things have always worked. However, people like Toobin are not content to simply state the facts. Everything has to be pushed to the furthest degree. That’s what the attention economy has essentially left us with.

We are now surrounded by people who are all climbing over each other to have the most searing take possible. It is maddening and it is not helping the current discourse in the slightest. All it does is encourage the next person to fire off an even hotter take and the cycle continues to perpetuate itself.

Senator Lindsey Graham’s clip sparked the conversation. Graham is able to see through all of the doublespeak and notice things that are not being pointed out. He knows that the CIA and FBI acted in bad faith when it came time for the Trump impeachment. Of course, CNN commentators will never engage with the truth. It is all right wing mumbo jumbo to them.

It must be nice to simply bury your head in the sand and pretend that certain things are not happening because they do not fit your narrative. Toobin even called it “fantasy talk” because that’s a totally normal response to the information that is being presented. He can’t even bring himself to face the truth and that’s why he has resorted to throwing out asinine comparisons.

He believes that the FBI and CIA agents who were involved in this case were just doing their jobs. He does not want to see this impeachment chalked up to the deep state conspiracy theory. In Toobin’s mind, anyone who is willing to deviate from what Trump wants is risking losing their job. That is a harsh portrayal, for sure.

Can you believe that Toobin even called the comments from Graham “shocking and inappropriate”? That seems like a bit much but it is par for the course for the liberals on CNN. He believes that Graham’s comments are proof of the hold that Trump has on the party, as opposed to being the honest opinions of someone who is simply calling it as they see it.

FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe agrees with Toobin, of course. Why would a man who was possessed with the idea of destroying Trump change course now? He stands with Toobin on this one, claiming that Graham’s comments only took place because he was looking to further his own political agenda. The level of hypocrisy that is on display would be hilarious if it were not so maddening.

Toobin’s comparison should never have been made. CNN is proving just how low they will sink for some ratings when they are willing to let people peddle this kind of garbage. Americans are so full of themselves these days, they do not even realize how good they have it. They want to feel as if they are being oppressed and they have zero clue as to what actual oppression feels like.

Countries like North Korea do not allow their citizens to have any sort of dissenting opinion. They are killed or silenced for the slightest dissent. Does this sound like anything that a United States citizen has ever had to deal with? Of course it doesn’t. That does not stop people like Toobin and McCabe from continuing to act as if they are oppressed.

CNN has a long way to go before they can ever be taken seriously again. No one is ever going to buy into anything that they have to say when they allow people like Toobin to come on the air and say anything that pops into their heads. This is supposed to be a news network and instead, it is being treated like a leftist platform. Until things start to improve considerably, we are not sure why anyone would ever choose to spend their time watching this network.


  1. Prosecution of bo & hilary for their treasonous crimes is mandatory to stop their instigating conspiracies to destroy U.S Constitutional Freedom & Rights !

  2. Must be doing something right Mr President with these idiots up in arms. Keep up the DRAINING OF THE SWAMP. WE THE PEOPLE are with you 100%

    • Will have done so 100% with their propaganda networks that need to lose there license as a news reporting agency.
      A news outlet presents the news; both sides equally with no opinion. Otherwise they are bought propaganda.

  3. Nobody considers CNN part of the media anymore. They are only capable of trash talk and none of it is believable or ethical. Their hosts are not rational or coherent.

  4. Dear President Donald J. Trump,

    “Never, never, never, never – GIVE IN in nothing great or small, large or petty – Never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force, never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” – Winston Churchill

  5. If ANY of these DEEP STATE operatives violated the U.S. Constitution by NOT upholding to DEFEND it as to what they have SWORN to do, they need to be SENT to FEDERAL PRISON after INDICTMENT and CONVICTION for TREASON and SEDITION.

  6. Ive come to the conclusion that the people that scream the loudest have the most to lose, our President is draining the swamp and the loudest screamers will have their fraudulent assets taken away and given back to the people.

  7. The liberals at CNN have no idea the military are government by a strict code of ethics and their military bible is the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice). Violate the code and you are subject to punishment as outlined by the UCMJ.

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