CIA Officer Busted for Being Spy for China

CIA officers are supposed to be loyal to the United States. They are supposed to look out for the best interests of the people that they are committed to protecting. For a CIA operative to defect and spy for another country is more than a let down of the people they protect. It is a betrayal beyond words. They have joined forces with the enemies of the United States and are guilty of treason of the highest order.

A federal judge did their job when they sent a former CIA officer to prison for 19 years. After the spy was caught he pleaded guilty of seeking to become a spy for China. He chose to turn his back on the country that has given him so much. Jerry Chuan Shing had lived in the United States before heading off to Hong Kong. At some point, he was approached by two Chinese officers that offered him a lot of money and other promises if he would be willing to spy for China.

His price to be bought was $100,000 and other promises. He was willing to sell out his friends and family for money. Over a few years, the money started appearing in his bank account. The CIA officers were so stupid that he failed to hide the financial end of the treasonous deal. Any real spy knows that the first thing they learn in spy school is to cover their tracks. Shing failed to cover his tracks, and he was caught within a few years.

Within three short years, Shing proved that spying on America does not pay. He may have had the money for a few short years, but he will spend his retirement years rotting in prison for his crimes against America. All he had to do is just keep his mouth shut and say no to the officers that approached him. Shing violated his nondisclosure agreement when he left the agency. Zachary Terwilliger who is the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia had stated: “Instead of embracing that responsibility and honoring his commitment to not disclose national defense information, Lee sold out his country, conspired to become a spy for a foreign government, and then repeatedly lied to investigators about his conduct.” Shing lied to federal investigators on top of his betrayal to his country.

The federal judge sent him a message and to others that would betray their homeland that crime does not pay. Shing gave countless secrets to China over the few years that were being used to harm America. China has for decades sought any advantage over the United States. The fact that they approached Shing shows that they were watching him and hoping that he would help them out. China is mad that the United States is winning the trade war. The tariffs are doing their doing job as it puts pressure on China. They want to return to the days when they were taking advantage of their lopsided trade deal. But President Trump put a stop to it all.

Shing was bad about keeping his secrets from being discovered by the FBI. They went through his hotel room and found his planner had notes written in the book. These notes are from his time as an officer. These are the secrets that he was selling to the Chinese. The notes that he would make would end up being put into the hands of the enemy. Shing has damaged the freedom and the safety that all Americans enjoy with his actions as a spy. The notes he passed along were sensitive in content. He passed along the names of CIA assets, meeting locations, phone numbers and the locations of other covert facilities.

Shing would have kept selling secrets to the enemy had not the CIA and the FBI been doing their job. Once again they have watched over the United States and kept everyone safe from enemies within the borders. This is the second time a person has been caught selling secrets to the enemy. The last one was Kevin Mallory, and he was convicted and sent to prison for 20 years for selling secrets to China.


  1. Wish they caught more traitors but good job here. They are remarkable people who devote their lives and sacrifice much to protect USA and unlike what has happened to a few of them unhappy with the election results the majority are great people

    • What is treason?, Is it those Americans who allow those that hate America like the aoc, omar to be politicians in American government or those that help the party and people of hate and division of America the anti-GOD, and anti-American democrats and their tools for it the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES to destroy America from within, or snowflakes?!

    • This is how they pretend the CIA is cleaning up the mess that is the CIA. Yet with the Washington Bull Schiff clearly this guy is small potatoes! Also 19 years is near nothing for treason and the guy supposedly did it for nearly nothing. 100k? Less there is mitigating circumstance, I’m not sure how they rate treason as 19 years. Least they can do is seize all his money, all assets, deport after he is released and prevent him from every gaining access or citizenship to America again. This include as any diplomatic or political official to our Country.

  2. And dumb jackasses in this country think nationalism is a bad thing. How Americans with Chinese names have been caught spying for China in the past 30 years? It’s a bunch.

  3. How many traitors are in the Senate and House, this is why we need Mandatory Drug testing and Auditing of all politicians and Government Employees. You would know then how many has sold out our country.

  4. This country is worse that what Germany did in World War 2, killing millions of Jews. We have killed million and millions of heart beating babies and no one is being held accountable. Murder is Murder. In 3 years alone, according to The Guttmacher Institute a company supporting planned parenthood, 2 million 117,000 babies were killed in 2011, 14 and 17.

    • The anti-GOD/America democrats do, Do honor to Hitler in the continuance of killing of babies via abortions, it is Americans killing Americans within America! The party and people of hate and division democrats and medias , snowflakes, deep state , the AOC, Omar of American hating people serving in American government helps destroy America from within, especially when there is no resistance!

  5. This traitor should be shot. He thought so much of China, send his family there and let them live with the Chinese. America, and especially the Democrats, need to wake up and realize China is in the same category as Islam and ISIS. They are all about themselves and their domination. They will turn on America and any American to get any advantage on the United States. If you are caught dealing with either group, you should be tried. If convicted you should be executed.

  6. If the United States ever embroiled itself in a war with China would not Americans selling our national secrets be executed or would we simply provide a place for them to live, 3 meals a day, limited exercise, possible religious time for their lives which the law abiding Americans pay for through taxes? How many other countries are as lenient as U.S. when it comes to traitors?

  7. Traitor should have gotten 199 years and had his citizenship revoked! I pray he doesn’t have a wife and children that will have to live with his shame!

    • What shame?, the anti-GOD and anti-American democrats have bought out the medias to promote anti-Americanism, it has condition those [snowflakes ] to think it is cool to hate America, as in the difference of kissing Obama’s asre and kicking President Trump’s asre. If they continue this anti-Americanism who will fight in defense for America if war happens! It is a shame the majority of Americans allow this by NOT stopping it!~

  8. This doesn’t surprise me at all. I know some horror stories what the CIA has done in Europe for ” MANY YEARS ” (I am from Europe) all in the name to protect security in U.S. Manipulating elections, assassinations and soooooooooooooo much more. They have their own constitution created in 1930’s and so they all (corporations) think they can do anything and everything. How many Presidents were assassinated in Europe and others but you NEVER get to hear about it. SO VERY SAD !!

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