Chris Mathews Melting Down: “Violent Trump Cult” Supporters Will Roam the Streets

Chris Matthews

If you are someone who pays attention to Chris Matthews and his hot takes on the world of politics, you know that he is prone to saying some crazy things. His latest rant definitely takes the cake, though. When he had the chance to speak about Trump and all of his supporters, he went straight for the jugular.

He used phrases like “violent purge” and “cult”. He even referred to Trump as a dictator. None of this sounds like it is based in reality. This is just what the left does, though. They spew insanity and try to make sense of it all later. Their relationship with the real world that the rest of us live in is a tenuous one at best.

Matthews also said that the president would be preparing to unleash a violent reign of terror, if the Constitution was not here to protect us. The purge would be unleashed and the left would have to live in fear of violent reprisals, according to him. Do these people ever stop to realize how ridiculous they sound in these instances?

We are going to go out on a limb and say no. Matthews even compared Trump to a black mamba and considering the recent passing of Kobe Bryant, we found this comment to be in especially poor taste. Sherrod Brown had a conversation with Matthews that went in a very bizarre direction, too.

Trump and his voters were compared to a Nazi cult from North Korea. We are not quite sure how anyone could come up with such a combination but we are not here to try and figure out the ramblings of Chris Matthews. It’s the sort of thing where you just have to shake your head and have a good laugh, to be honest.

North Korea is truly a dictatorship and it is like none of these people have ever read a book or done any research. Sure, there are policies that we all disagree with in America. It does not matter what side of the aisle you are sitting on. North Korean citizens cannot express their true feelings and they are made to march in lockstep.

This is something that Americans would never, ever be able to relate to. For all of the dramatic rhetoric that the left loves to bandy about, they have yet to experience that type of oppression. The impeachment trial seems to have fried any remaining brain cells that the left still had to burn.

Chris Matthews has even referred to Trump as Satan. He also said that any American who was considering voting for him again would be making a deal with the devil himself. This all sounds like something out of a bad movie. We cannot believe that people are actually paid to offer this kind of insane rhetoric in a public forum.

All of this hyperbole about how terrible Trump is ignores a few simple facts. First of all, Americans are still free to speak their minds in any way that they see fit. We are not forced to keep our thoughts to ourselves. Secondly, Barack Obama was not exactly friendly to the journalists that he disagreed with. He was not shy about trying to silence anyone who went against him.

Where was all of this rah rah then? It was nowhere to be found and the hypocrisy is alarming, to say the least. This type of propaganda should not be peddled to the American public and we are tired of it. It is time to cut through all of the nonsense and expose the biases that the liberal media is allowed to present without being questioned.

It is easy to see why the left has gotten so comfortable saying anything that pops into their heads. No one has ever been willing to stand up to them and check them on it. That’s why Trump remains so popular with the right. He stands up for their beliefs and keeps them from having to feel as if their thoughts and feelings have been neglected.

In a world where the left has gotten accustomed to becoming the default, they need to realize that their way of thinking is not the be all end all. When people like Chris Matthews get to come undone like this on live television, it sends a terrible message to everyone.

Hopefully, these types of tantrums start to become less frequent and the rest of us will stop having to hear about the left’s daily meltdown. Click bait journalism has no place during legitimate political discourse.


  1. UHHH . . .REALLY! Liberals were SURPRISED that Trump was ACQUITTED?!? Oh, the HORROR of it all! I guess the REPUBLICANS went by the Rule of LAW as per the U.S. Constitution – Oh, that’s right! Liberals and Left Wing Democrats don’t GO by the LAW. That explains EVERYTHING perfectly. Better luck NEXT time (NOT!). Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  2. This article is bizarre. And, Ohio should be proud of their people. Sherrod Brown and John Kasich are not two of them to be proud of. Neither climb to imbeciles on the intelligence scale.

  3. CNN really scrapes the bottom employing Mathews and just like the other nut cases the left media still employs these morons are fighting to keep their jobs knowing full well the more they act like fools, the more attention they will get. Too bad they are only seen on other networks playing short clips of them making fools of themselves.

    • Whoa!
      That was harsh!
      Nevertheless, that thrill up Matthew’s legs
      got very deep and it concerned Michelle Obama!

      Barry was a member of the CHUM GANG back in Hawaii
      and they were known for their preveramce for Masculine
      relationships! NO KIDDING!

  4. Does Chris know/read/listen to the stories of ANTIFA who have roamed the streets with hoods and masks and destroyed and beat up folks (even older folks) who were conservative? Does he know/read/listen when the news was about Maxine “telling liberals” to go out and accost any supporter of Trump where ever they find them – restaurants, stores, let them know they cant go out in public? Does he “remember” when phone numbers and/or addresses have been released for folks to go “after’ Trump supporters? I am frankly baffled at Chris Matthews – he used to be a reasonably good journalist, even while one knew he was a democrat – he never the less didn’t spout talking points and just leave common sense in his office when he went on air! We quit watching him when he went publicly gaga over Obama and he has slid down hill since then. Conservative and absolutely even the maligned Tea Party have seldom demonstrated any violent behavior unlike the liberals and cop killers that were basically loosed by his hero Obama and his AG. The Tea Party I heard even cleaned up after themselves where they held demonstrations.

  5. “Violent Trump Cult” Supporters Will Roam the Streets” ?????
    …I have NO IDEA where Chris Mathews gets THIS idea, because
    so far, there have NOT been violent Trumpers…found anywhere.
    The violent ones have, so far, ALL been lefties, DemocRats and
    outright terrorists. Thus, I have to conclude that this is
    simply about blaming the Conservatives for the actual actions
    …of the DERANGED lefties who keep attacking indiscriminately.

  6. You are confused Chris, the mobs of trashy street punks are protege’s of the Democrat party and paid for by George Soros, the Antifa Facist punks

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