Buttigieg Slams Trump: His ‘Rantings’ the ‘Stuff of Tin-Pot Dictatorships’

Pete Buttigieg has been in the media spouting off a lot of things about President Trump that is just Democratically laced with poison. Buttigieg is a presidential candidate running for the Democratic nomination. So anything that he says against President Trump should be considered biased and full of lies. He accuses the president of going into rants and fits of rage any time a person confronts him or opposes him. But in reality, Buttigieg is guilty of the same charges as he has often spouted and lied about the president in the past.

Buttigieg has been losing ground in the primary race. He is someone that no one is taking seriously because his message is just not anything people want to hear. Even in polls that compare him against President Trump he loses out big time with the popular vote. There just is not a Democrat running for the presidency right now that can win an all-out battle against the president. He is just too popular with the people of the country.

In a video of him being interviewed, Buttigieg is quick to say the following against President Trump, “Well, the simple fact is that these rantings are not the words of the leader of a democracy. When you are being criticized, let alone, when you’re being called out for wrongdoing responding by describing somebody who is calling you out or disagreeing as being disloyal to the country because they’re being critical of you, this is the stuff of tin-pot dictatorships, not the presidency.” He goes on to criticize the president for using words that he believes is just not presidential material.

Instead, he accuses the president of being a dictator and not a president. He claims that what the president is saying should have everyone concerned. He claims that his life and others depend on the wisdom and judgment of the president. So what he is saying here is that President Trump is not fit to make decisions that could ultimately affect the very lives of the people of the country. This is nothing more than new rhetoric being spouted from a political party that is worried about the upcoming election in 2020.

Buttigieg just does not understand what the presidency is all about. He makes mention that the president must make a decision that puts the lives of military people in harm’s way and ultimately affects everyone in the country. He is claiming that a person with a military background could understand that point more than a person that never served but that is far from the truth. The president was made the Commander in Chief by the Founding Fathers because they needed a non-military person to be in charge. This would keep the military from becoming a sort of dictatorship over the country.

Buttigieg does not even know what is in the constitution when he makes the claims about the president that he does. He makes mention of protecting free speech which is a contradiction for a Democrat because they do not believe in free speech. Their version of free speech is similar to that of communism. It can only be said if it supports the establishment. Anything spoken out against the establishment is branded as hate speech and worthy of death.

Buttigieg went on to say that “It’s sad, not just for the president, for the presidency itself, the country. Remember, this is the president of the United States. Your life and mine depend on the wisdom and judgment of the president of the United States, and these rants are a bad sign for all of us.” He is acting like his life is in danger just because the president is sitting in his office.

The deranged Democrats have started new line rhetoric against the president. They are claiming that he is out to kill and destroy the American citizen. They believe that he has ordered a hit on each one of their heads. The president is right that the Democrats should be arrested and charged with treason because their actions are of that nature.

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