BLM Thug Attacks White School Children in DC

A recent clip that surfaced from a children’s field trip to Washington, DC was marred by a Black Lives Matter protester who saw fit to harass them. The video has gone public and it is disturbing. The children were threatened and screamed at. The amount of cursing that takes place in the clip is hard to fathom.

Being enraged about the state of the world is one thing and unloading on some innocent children is quite another. This is one of the more disgusting things that we have seen recently and we are daring the leftists to defend it. They always find a way, don’t they? We are sure that these children deserved to be yelled at because they are tools of white supremacy or whatever buzzword is making the rounds these days.

The names that these children were called cannot even be repeated by a decent publication but you can already guess where this clip is going before you even press play. It feels like these sorts of stories are becoming commonplace in America. What would this man have done if someone had come along and punched him in the mouth for speaking to children this way?

Knowing the liberals, they would have found a way to excuse the behavior. We have yet to see this story on any of the mainstream media outlets, either. If the situation was reversed and the man who was doing the cussing was being told about himself, the liberals would have been all over this story like a cheap suit from the get go.

They seem to think that no one notices their convenient outrage that never seems to manifest itself until their beliefs are the ones being questioned. Children are no longer safe to go on field trips and visit landmarks because someone might jump out to start screaming at them. The Democrats have been silent on these types of attacks, too.

If the mainstream media would spend as much time and energy on these types of stories as they did on the puff pieces that are designed to make them feel good about themselves, maybe this sort of thing wouldn’t be so common. It’s a crazy thought but we are going to share it with the world anyway. In these insane times, common sense is no longer as common as we thought it was.

Why, in our day, we didn’t find excuses for the people who are caught on camera screaming at children who did nothing wrong. We would have actually done something about what was going on, as opposed to sitting idly by like so many others. People need to stop thinking about things like this through such a constricting lens.

Right and wrong do not matter anymore, either. It’s all about black and white, literally. Whatever happened to judging people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin? That is too much to ask of anyone, so we are on the verge of throwing up our hands. When children are no longer held sacred in American society, there isn’t much left to do but shake our heads.

With any luck, the authorities will track this man down before he has the chance to scream at any more children. That’s the least that they could do, when they aren’t looking the other way on all of the statue toppling that is going on right now. Or have the leftists scared them out of being able to do their jobs, too?

Only time will tell and we hope that these children are not too traumatized by their experience. Getting screamed at is scary enough, even when the child knows the person already. Getting this kind of treatment from a stranger has to be a bone chilling experience. If we were their parents, we would have gone looking for this man as soon as we heard the news.


  1. BLM…It stands for Bureau of Land Management……
    It does not stand for Blacks Liberals and Mexicans….LOL…..
    Be careful, be very careful…you liberals blacks Mexicans moooslums etc…
    If you want a race war….ask your self this question…..

    If it starts…..where are you going to hide?…..this includes you in the House….Waters, Lee, Jefferies. …

    Answer, they will be calling the poe-leece….begging for heep….
    Calling security…..

  2. If I was a chaperone on one of these outings and one of these thugs started to harass threaten etc. Any of the kids I was there to guide and protect…

    Let me be as tactful as I can be…
    I don’t want to offend anyone LOL..

    When the little face hiding thug hit the ground face first…his nose would be broken … his teeth would be loose or missing but best of all…
    His kneecaps would suffer severe ligament damage that may require surgery…..

    These thugs hide their idenity…why?
    Because they are cowards and spineless POS…..POS …stands for pieces of Obama…

  3. The black punk might want to hide after showing this attitude. I would bet some people might be looking for him,the outcome most likely wont be nice

  4. What the government needs to do with these terrorist groups is what we do to all terrorist exterminate. Eliminate the problem instead of doing nothing. When will these right wing representative do their jobs and enforce the law of the land where ALL LIVES MATTER where equality for all rules.

  5. And this animals(primates) actually believe that they can somehow pass themselves of as ‘people’? Some time back , they bought it to our attention, when their empty of brain heads, complained that they were called ‘People’, as in, “you people listen up”. Calling their primate butts ‘people’ was racist and offensive, THEY bought it to my attention that they need millions of years of evolution to actually be human.

  6. As long as the house of representatives has a democrat majority, you will not see much done about these useless assholes threatening white adults or white children. This video is the perfect reason why America needs to wake up. This Black idiot is one of the reasons the black community has problems that it would not have otherwise. BLM is the perfect example of systemic racism in America. BLM wants everyone to believe they are the ones being treated unfairly, but just look at their actions. They want to claim their violent and racist tactics are due to white people having a systemic racism against blacks. It is actually the other way around. BLM is systemically racist toward whites and want to use any excuse they can come up with, to blame someone else for their racist stupidity. I have no desire to see a race war started inn this country but that is what BLM, and it’s arrogant followers want. BLM wants an incident to occur where a black gets assaulted so they can go on a nation wide rampage against whites. Why do you think they get so violently aggressive toward whites and now white children? They want someone to fight back. Frankly I would like to have seen someone knock his teeth out. Blacks put out a video recently claiming they need to buy guns to protect themselves against the police and whites. What BS. Blacks want to buy guns and use them nationwide, just like they do in their own neighborhoods daily, and claim their actions are in response to police criminal misconduct, like in the George Floyd case. I don’t know of anyone who thinks George Floyd should have been killed. But, don’t use George Floyd or any one else to try and cover or be the reason for what BLM is doing nation wide. They are becoming a domestic terrorist group and BLM wants a race war. Sadly I do think it is coming. Be ready America, keep your guns oiled and your powder dry because these idiots are not going to stop untilthey face serious consequences. God Bless America.

  7. Were it one of my children being harassed by that piece of extreme low life – I do know that his existence would have been that of living limp and without that vulgar stupid moronic vulgar voice of his. PLEASE MR PRESIDENT PUT A STOP TO THIS ATROCIOUSNESS . I served this country of ours with great honor and for the defense of our nation . P L E A S E destroy these animals whoever they are.

  8. The KKK is coming for that BLM nigger piece of shit. They will torture him until he begs them to kill him. Oh, yeah, KKK, you go braathas!!!




  10. when will this crap finish, probably when the election is over. then Trump can procutre the

    BLM.for all the damage they have done. I believe this has gone too far. now they say the walk light is racisis, how stupid.

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