Biden Swore it Was the God’s Truth, But It Was a Mess Of Different Stories

Stories would be so much more exciting if you could just pick and choose which parts you like the best. If you don’t like a certain part or it isn’t compelling enough, you could just fill that in with a different story. However, that’s not real life. If you are going to tell a story, it has to be from A to Z. Unless you’re Joe Biden.

Biden is either going senile or trying to stack the deck in his favor to get more American votes. Either is possible because Creepy Uncle Joe is as crooked as they come.

At an assembly in Hanover, New Hampshire, 400 people were gathered in a college town hall to hear former VP Joe Biden. He talked about a moving story where he pinned the medal on a distraught soldier overseas. However, that’s not exactly what happened. He mixed up so many of the details, compiling about three war stories into one so that it sounded more incredible.

When he was the vice president, he traveled to the Kunar province of Afghanistan to give a Navy Capt. an award. This Navy Capt. rescued comrades by scaling a 60-foot ravine – and carried the comrade on his back while under fire. The general had been the one to request Biden to be the one to present the troop with a Silver Star. Biden recounts that the hero felt like he had failed. The hero said that he didn’t want the Silver Star because the comrade he carried out had gone on to die.

Biden then said this is the God’s truth to the audience. “My word as a Biden.” This alone should tell the audience that he is spewing misinformation. His word as a “Biden” shouldn’t mean anything. He’s a Democrat, and currently running for president. Therefore, he will say anything and recount any story in order to target the heartstrings and get people to vote for him.

According to the Washington Post, Biden story is completely inaccurate. It’s compiled of at least three war stories based on the various interviews that were conducted with Biden at the time along with troops and commanders.

Anyone who really paid attention to the three-minute story would realize that the time period, action, location, and even the type of medal wouldn’t add up. Further, even Biden’s role in the ceremony didn’t make sense based on the way that he told it in New Hampshire.

When Biden visited Kunar, he was a US Senator, not the vice president. Further, it was Barack Obama who pinned the medal, and it was a Medal of Honor, not a Silver Star.

When Biden did pin a Medal of Honor to a soldier who didn’t believe he was worthy of it, it was on an Army Staff Sergeant, not a Navy Captain. For shame, Biden. For shame.

Not surprisingly, Biden’s campaign was not available for any kind of response when the press confronted them about the story and how he mixed up all of the various details.

Biden is 76 years old, which many people feel is too old to take the presidency. He would be older than Trump when he is sworn in, which would make him the oldest sitting president to date. People have also questioned whether he is in his full mental capacity based on some of the different speeches that he has provided over the years. He is constantly known for getting his details wrong. After all, he referred to the Prime Minister of England as Margaret Thatcher – someone who hasn’t sat in the seat for decades. He quickly apologized when he realized to slip, but there are a number of slips.

It may be that Biden got a little tongue-tied, too. He’s not used to talking to such live audiences. When he was the former VP, Barack Obama did all of the talking. Biden simply had to stand behind him and smile. Throughout his campaign trail, 400 people in attendance is a big number – though it’s nothing compared to the tens of thousands that Trump is able to bring in.

If Biden isn’t experiencing mental issues due to his advanced age, the only other reason for his fabricated story would be to get votes – and it’s an injustice to every person who has ever served in the military to pull different heart-wrenching aspects of their stories in order to create one that sounds better when he’s standing up on his pedestal to get votes.

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