Beto O’Rourke Takes Little Girls Lemonade Stand Money

Beto O’Rourke has done a lot of questionable things throughout his campaign. He is doing a lot to fundraise so that he can compete with some of the bigger Democratic candidates like Biden and Warren. Most people don’t even count him as a frontrunner to get the nomination at this point – but that’s not going to stop him from taking lemonade stand money away from kids.

A little 5-year-old by the name of Kelcie decided to create a lemonade stand to help O’Rourke with his fundraising goals. She raised almost $1,000 in the process. It sounds sweet but she was obviously influenced by her parents. People probably donated a little more, too, knowing that it was for a political cause.

However, O’Rourke actually took the money. He thanked her, did a gratuitous selfie with the little girl for a tweet, and then pocketed the nearly $1,000 to put toward his campaign. He let a 5-year-old girl raise money for him – and that’s the kind of person that Democrats can’t wait to see in the Oval Office in 2020.

The story sounds really sweet at first until you realize that he didn’t let her keep her hard-earned money. His greed got in the way. After all, $1,000 might really get him to the next marketing tier to ensure more people know who he is. He’ll probably earn more dislikes once this story hits.

Beto O’Rourke has made quite a big deal about not accepting money from large corporations – and this is something that Warren has done, too. So, he won’t take money from a big company, but has no problem taking it from a 5-year-old? What kind of person is he, anyway?

Many people are calling O’Rourke’s campaign a vanity campaign at this point because he has absolutely no chance of winning. Since the shootings in his home state and announcing, “I’m coming for your guns,” his polling numbers have plummeted significantly. However, that doesn’t stop him from campaigning. After all, the more money he has, the more ad space he can buy so that he can see his name on billboards and all across Facebook. That’s not called politics, it’s called vanity – and O’Rourke is being shameful at the way that he’s handling his campaign at this time.

Plenty of people on Twitter have something to say about O’Rourke taking the girl’s lemonade money. Many question whether it’s okay to accept donations from someone who is under the age of 18. Others say that it’s sad and that he should give her money back to her. Others comment on all of the other things that girl could have done with $1,000, such as buy school supplies and athletic equipment. One user even comments about how O’Rourke is starting to rip off the generations a little early.

Beto O’Rourke comes from a very financially secure family, with estimates of being worth somewhere in the ballpark of $500 million. Clearly, if he wanted to, he wouldn’t have to do any kind of fundraising in order to make it all the way to the primaries.

As many of the Democratic candidates boast about their third-quarter earnings from fundraisers, it’s clear that some are doing better than others. Andrew Yang earned an impressive $10 million. Kamala Harris came in at just a little bit more with $11.6 million. Pete Buttigieg has upped his game with $19.1 million and Bernie Sanders brought in $25.3 million.

Beto O’Rourke has yet to disclose how much he was able to earn in the third quarter, which leaves many people questioning just how small of an amount he acquired. With his boasts that he has the grassroots efforts in place to get more donations from individuals, it’s not enough to compete with what everyone else is doing. He had $9.3 million in the first quarter. It dropped to $3.6 million in the second quarter. Now, with not telling anyone how much he’s bringing in, it’s likely a number that’s not worth mentioning – especially if he’s willing to steal from lemonade stands to get it.

Democratic presidential candidates will do anything to make it into the news. However, when they’re running for president, it’s not always the time to take the approach of “any news is good news.” In this case, someone needs to tell Beto O’Rourke that stealing a kid’s lemonade money and, then, posting about it on Twitter is bad form. Even Democrats around the country want him to return the poor girl’s thousand dollars. After all, how many glasses does that come out to be?


  1. beto is no different than the rest of that democratic mob! Every one of them is creepy, some more than others. If one of those ‘people’ are elected, THIS COUNTRY IS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. If can get away with taking $ 1,000 cash from a 5 year old girl you can rest assure if he is ever elected he will his power to take over everything he can put his hands on.

    the guy is a disgrace to public office and should be de-bar’d and told to resign from public office and go run an ice cream shop outside of El Paso,Tx. .

  3. What a loser, in more ways than one. He is rich, he doesn’t need to take her money. He isn’t going to make it to the primaries anyway

  4. I would just like to make a comment about the democrats wanting to give Medicare to everyone. I think that is a ‘GREAT’ idea, as long as you send me a check for the taxes I have paid in for Medicare for the last 48 years! Pay me back my money because if they don’t have to pay, neither do I. Go ahead, give Medicare to ‘EVERYONE’, just give me my money first!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Beto like the rest of the Democraps takes money from a 5 yr. old little girl and uses it toward his campaign? WHAT KIND OF JERK IS THIS?

  6. Once a crook, always a crook. And Robert O’Puke is , was, and will always remain a crook. A tiger does not change it’s spots, and a JACKASS like Paddy ‘La’PUKE’ will remain a JACKASS, why the Democrats like him, he advertises their mascot.

  7. BETO You should be ashamed of yourself taking away a 5 year Old’s Lemonade stand You are a Creep .You are a Poor excuse for a man .

  8. Beto is a spoiled ROtten BRat!

    Anyone in their right mind would have thanked her and given it back for her education or something other than this nut jobs cause!

    A 5 year old doesn’t know him from ADAM! BAD, BAD Parents!

    BETO is the poster child of DB!

  9. Beto or Richard as his birth certificate state O’Rourke OR O’Dorke as I have heard him referred to is a sleazy slime ball of a Democrat who would steal the gold tooth from a dying man’s mouth if it meant getting one step closer to the power he hungers for. Check out the history of your Democrat candidate for most have criminal acts hidden in their past who reveal who they truly are. The democrat party controlled by foreign interests for well over 100 years choose candidates that can be easily manipulated to betray this great nation. It is time for all freedom loving Americans to rise in defence of your God given rights and freedoms or watch as they are ripped away from you and future generations forever. Do we want to be known as the generation who threw it all away because we readily buy into the lies of leftist traitors to the country you know and love. Your future rests in your hands.

  10. Pesky Pelosi needs to step down from her position.
    She is way past her time! Impeachment would be the
    Right thing to happen to Pesky Pelosi herself! Impeachment
    Or resigning right away is what is best for the USA! We
    Need to move forward & make Trump stronger in Building-the Boarders!
    Stoping illegal immigration flat out! We need a new House Speaker
    & to get rid of all the lying, cheating, dumb Democrats!
    So, we are asking you Pesky Pelosi to step down immediately!

  11. If he had any decency between his ears he would talk to the girls parents and return it by putting it in a college fund for her.

  12. SHAME ON THE BETO! She needs that money for school, college, or for her future wedding. He may keep $5 to show the enterprising girl how the political democratic process works but RETURN $995.

  13. Beto is a jerk, but so are you if you consider this “news”. The child’s parents obviously were behind this and likely donated most of the money, which they had every right to do, and Beto accepted their donation, as he had every right to do. Why don’t you clowns find something real to comment upon… and btw, I am a moderate who used to be a Republican until the wheels fell off the GOP bus. You make the GOP look really bad when you post crap like this.

  14. This man is indeed a very sick twisted human being. First he wants to take Americans guns away from them and now he takes money from a 5 year old little girls lemonade stand . Just how low and sick is this man anyway?

  15. What kind of person does something like this? And he thinks the American Patriots want him as our next President. Oh HELL!!!! NO.

  16. I remember during the 90’s while listening to Rush Limbaugh’s that an elementary school held a bake sale to raise money to lower the deficit. I think they raised maybe 130 dollars and sent it to Bill Clinton explaining what it was for. And he sent it to the treasury instead of returning it to the school so they could use for the school itself so I guess it’s common practice for democrats to do such a thing. Hell they’ve been taking my money for all of my working life. That led to Rush having a bake sale in Ft Collins so a listener could get money to buy the Limbaugh letter. Maybe Rush could have another bake sale for The Wall. Hey Pelosi here’s money for the Wall

  17. O Rourke is a CHICKEN SHIT SON of a BITCH to take money from a child!
    I’m embarrassed to admit this piece of trash is from the great state of TEXAS.


  18. Beto is a joke a legend in his own mind lol. He’s been arrested has a DUI and other run ins with the law…. Is this what they call white privilege he is still allowed to run for President, not like he has any remote shot of that but he is just wasting ppl time lol. Standing on counter tops preaching to ppl trying to be a mid western guy on vanity fare hahahahahahaha what a joke, he is a freak show for the carnival lol

  19. Anyone with a brain knows that Beto is a sleazebag who Americans can trust about as far as they can see him. But he’s not the one who put the kid up to political fundraising in the first place. That honor goes to her moronic parents, who deserve a mountain of criticism for their decision. I like the way these idiots think that they’re teaching their kid to be charitable by donating to a wealthy politician, instead of directly to people who are actually in need. (That’s a bit like donating your hard earned money to the mafia.) Now that their kid got her two seconds of fame, they really should try to keep a low profile before even more people see them for the fools that they really are…

  20. Really…are you kidding me? 🤭😡🤯👎 Beto is a piece of crapp!
    This jut shows how ignorant & stupid he is & will take all he can get from Americans!
    That just shows what he would do if he got in office! 🤯👎 NO, NO ON BETO!

  21. This jerk is a loser and let’s be honest this is just another liberal who supports abortion, so why not take money from a child.

  22. And now President Trump should send the little girl $1000 and show his appreciation that she is starting out to be a great member of society by getting involved in helping in the electoral process. Oh, and also to show her what a Republican, a real politician, honestly does! Before is an a$$ and is just teaching her early on about how democrats wnt to take more and more from the wealthy and give it to those less wealthy!! I am sure she felt “rich” with that $1000! Before is a real putz!

  23. According to a famous person, wasn’t she supposed to share her wealth? A hard learned lesson for the child. Don’t vote democrat, because they’ll take away all your hard earned money. This is just a preview of what’s in store for us if a democrat gets elected president and if more democrats get elected. That and gun confiscation.

  24. The girl set up the stand to raise money for him. He did nothing wrong. I wouldn’t think of voting for him for other reasons. However, do not run him down because he took money which was made from him in the first place.

  25. If this person had any Honer or reason beyond politics he would send the money back to this little girl and apologize for being such a “smuck”! But, I am very sure that that will never happen, Period!

  26. Taking money from a lemonade stand run by a 5 year old is the ONLY thing he’ll ever succeed at taking. Like to see the idiot try to take away people’s guns.

  27. From the get-go, Beto O’Rourke never came across to me as any kind of viable presidential candidate. He has only gone down hill since. Imagining him as President, makes me shudder.
    He couldn’t stand up to any world leader, period. I don’t think he has a single idea of his own. He has no substance or credibility. Bye bye, Beto!

  28. Liberal parents manipulating and abusing their child for an oh so cute feel good moment they can pat themselves on the back for.

  29. Ohhh…this is the same guy that’s gonna take our firearms away…well he can expect a ‘NO’vote from a hell-o-lot of people if he thinks taking a 5 yr. old girls lemonade sales money as a contribution to get his lame ass into political office…Good luck with that CHUMP!

  30. This guy is a goofball. What idiot in their right mind would admit to backing Beto? People should save the money they would be giving to his campaign and give it to charity. People generally donate money to a candidate because they believe two things; That the candidate can actually win and that they will do the things they promise to do while campaigning. Right off the bat we know he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning anything so the idea of him following up on his promises goes nowhere. Drop out goofball, you’re not going to be dogcatcher let alone president.

  31. We all knew O’Crook has no morals or compassion for anyone or anything but himself, BUT HE REALLY SHOWED HIS IGNORANCE AND CORRUPTION WHEN HE TOOK $1,000 money from a 5 yr old. An decent human being would have thanked the child and not taken their money BUT NO, O’CROOK PUT IT IN HIS POCKET. A DEMOCRAT IS A DEMOCRAT IS A DEMOCRAT. Take from the little people with not a trace of guilt, especially when his family is rich.

  32. This action shows what happens when the Democratic Party are in complete charge of our country, not only taking our money but our children’s money, hide their piggy banks

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