Avenatti Announces to Run for President Amid Extortion and Fraud Charges

For those of you who don’t know, Michael Avenatti is a media-hungry lawyer whose name saw lots of attention when he represented porn star actress Stormy Daniels when she accused then-president-elect Donald Trump of groping and having an affair with her. This just goes to show you how disillusioned the Democratic party is.

On December 4, 2018, Avenatti announced that we would be running for president during the 2020 election. However, his campaign was short-lived as he was arrested and charged with extortion in a $20 million scheme against Nike. In addition, he is also being investigated for embezzlement, bank fraud, and more.

And now he has once again announced that he might run for the presidency. He announced on August 2, saying that his chances of entering the race are 50/50 right now.

According to him, “The Dems need a non-traditional fighter. They have a lot of talent but not a lot of fighters.” Well, that makes sense since all he had done recently is fighting to stay out of prison in several felony courts.

He told CNBC that he is “increasingly concerned that the Dems don’t have the right fighter to go toe to toe with Trump.” He said, “the future of the republic and our war of life is on the line. He is a brawler who has no bounds. The Dems need a guy who can match him punch for punch. I may be that guy.”

At one time he might have been. When he first announced his interest in the presidency last year, many thought he might have what it takes to succeed. For starters, he isn’t a politician and therefore, is more likely to play to by a similar set of rules as Trump.

Philip Rucker, the Washington Post’s bureau chief for the White House said last August, “You look at the field of Democrats right now, and Avenatti’s the one who stands out. He’s the one who’s not a politician.” And he added, “If he gives the base what they’re looking for and shows he can go toe-to-toe with Trump, he’d have a chance.”

And he had the media fooled as well. He was all over the news, with people seriously considering that he was fully capable of beating Trump.

However, I think it’s safe to say that chance has been blown. The only TV time he has had recently has been coverage of his ongoing legal affairs. He has proven that not only can he not win against Trump in court with Stormy Daniels at this side, but he also can’t win against him in any arena.

Heck, Daniels herself has even fired him. His once-client claims that he stole around $300,000 from her and therefore, wants nothing to do with him.

But apparently, that hasn’t dissuaded him, even though he says he probably won’t “make a final decision for a number of months.” He says, “I have the name ID and everyone knows I’m one of the few fighters that the Dems have.”

Well, doesn’t that sound cocky as all get out?

And what about this waiting for a few months bit? Doesn’t he know that the second Democratic primary debates just ended? If he is going to compete on any level, being a part of the next debate is crucial. And those debates don’t just let anybody in. Avenatti will have to qualify by meeting both donor and poling requirements, coming in with at least 2% in three polls and having at least 130,000 donors.

That’s quite a bit to accomplish in such a short amount of time. Not to mention, the elections themselves are coming up rather quickly.

But maybe his run for the White House would be less about winning the role of America’s leader and more about getting money. As of right now, his constant and seemingly endless legal fights are quickly draining him dry.

Not to mention that before all these legal problems, his political action committee (PAC) didn’t seem very upstanding anyway. In March, it was reported that his PAC, which was designed to go towards Democratic candidates, made $113,000 and spent $101,000 for operations, leaving next to nothing for its actual cause.

As for his name ID, he isn’t the only Democrat who has that; he is just the only one under indictment at the moment. At the time being, his chances of going to prison are higher than winning the election.

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