Adam Schiff Is More Than America Can Stomach

Adam Schiff

Intelligence and Adam Schiff seems to be a contradiction in terms. The only reason he is the head of the Intelligence Committee is that the Democrats have the majority. But intelligence has so far alluded him. He is driven by his lust for power and desire to destroy President Trump. Schiff was over the first round of interrogation methods that were questionable at best. And now it seems he is being assigned to the team to move to the Senate.

Schiff has been asked by Nancy Pelosi to lead a seven-person team that will fight to remove the president from office. The Democrats are pulling straws to try to destroy President Trump. Their track record for trying to find anything to accuse him with is zero percent. They have never found anything viable to even accuse him of. Adam Schiff seems to have invented the accusations against the president that the Democrats of Congress have moved forward with.

Nancy Pelosi handpicked Schiff because she has no one else that can do the job. She has also assigned six other Democrats to the team that will be the prosecutors in the trial. Schiff has the burden of proving the accusations they accused him of are true. Pelosi and the others have accused him of obstruction of Congress and an abuse of his presidential powers. The Democrats are hungry for power and ever since 2016 has fought the president on everything.

The Republicans have argued that the offenses that Schiff and the Democrats are pushing are not impeachable actions. Everything that the Democrats are saying revolves around the Ukraine affair. They are just mad that they lost the Oval Office in 2016. Pushy Pelosi stated that “The president considered that his private ATM machine, I guess.” She doesn’t even know what is going on.

Schiff is being praised as the one the spearheaded everything in the House. But even his involvement is questionable as it appeared that he was lying about his relationship with the whistleblower that brought all the trouble to the surface. President Trump has called Schiff “a deranged human being.” Shady Schiff has been urging Republicans to get on board with their plan to remove Trump.

He also wants to pull in more evidence that they have supposedly come up with. Schiff wants to call more witnesses to the trial but Mitch McConnell is against the idea. One can only imagine what shady Schiff has told the witnesses to say about the president. Most of the initial witnesses have been questioned behind closed doors. Many Republicans tried to gain access to the questioning room but were blocked from entering. The Democrats did not want any witnesses as to what was going on.

Schiff was the person that led those interviews. The new evidence that Schiff wants to be allowed into the trial really should not be allowed because of the way Schiff has handled things. Shady Schiff has stated that “If McConnell makes this the first trial in history without witnesses, it will be exposed for what it is, and that is an effort to cover up for the president.” Schiff is also wanting John Bolton to testify. Bolton hates Trump because he was fired for criminal actions.

The president can only be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors. Schiff and the other Democrats are determined to fabricate anything that would fall into those classifications. In every impeachment trial in the history of the United States, no president has ever been removed from office. Nixon resigned before the vote that was set against him. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were also impeached but were never removed. The Democrats have fueled their ambitions with hatred against Trump and it shows.

So far everything that Schiff and Pelosi have brought against the president seems shady at best. There just is not anything that has the depth that points to an impeachable offense. The Democrats are so blinded by their hatred that they are willing to say anything to remove the one that beat their beloved Hillary Clinton in 2016.


  1. Stand Adam Soros-Schiff next to a hug septic tank and stick a pin in him and watch the septic tank will with crap.

    • Adam Schitt (for brains) is now and always has been a pathological liar of the highest order – he is a disgrace to everything America! He is trying to sell this narrative using the old Bush narrative of a liar told often enough will eventually be believed. What he and the rest of their ilk have not counted on – is the re-emergence of the American patriot and those of us whose hearts are sold out for this country. NOTHING the democRAT party will ever say will change our minds nor make us go against the man We The People elected to represent us.

    • Soros has made his intentions know on the internet for all to see. First he said he would destroy the USA using blacks because they are easy to control and he paid them $15 to harass Trump on his bid for President. Then he said he would destroy Trump in 7 months and then he would use his judges to prevent Trump from any progress.Now he’s working with his useful idiots,new Communist to impeach.

      • Soros needs to go straight to jail . I’m so sick of him obummer Pelosi waters shitty for brains and all the rest of them. Take them all to jail with the clintons in the front of the line .


  3. As the impeachment sham goes on, we see that the Democrats are now the party of lies and corruption. They have allowed Schiff, Nadler and Pelosi to misrepresent the truth while fabrication evidence and trying to convince us that heresay, speculation, and opinion of their witnesses are undisputed facts.Nadler’s only witnesses were the anti-Trump academic snobs that look down their noses at us stupid smelly deplorable Walmart customers. These people should keep their assanine opinions to themselves. Read the words of the Constitution and you see the true meaning of the document. Also read the transcript of the President’s phone call not Schiff’s hypocritical interpretation of this conversation. Schiff is hate filled and blatant liar who will stop at NOTHING to get Trump. He is assisted by another Trump hate monger named Nadler. Trump and Nadler have had confrontations in the past so Ninny Nadler puts aside his duties to continue with this farce. As an American, I am damn sick and tired of these clowns trying to destroy my country.We the people must vote Republican in Nov so the Democrats will see that there antics and charades will not be tolerated. Every true American must get out there and crush these lying hypocrites at the ballot box. Stand together as Americans and don’t let them off the hook. America first.

    • Then once we have removed ALL democrats, socialists, communists,sorry-ass woke crowd usful idiots, and of course Omar and her ilk. Antifa MUST BE destroyed. When did it become OK to wear masks and riot and assault people? Soros must be investigated and tried for his crimes. Or at least expell him from our shores in shackles and turn him over to any other government that has a bone to pick with him. Antifa is his tool and Soros is an unrepentant Nazi who family fortune was made turning Jews over to the Gestapo. Seriously.. this person is the financial back for the radical left and seems to owns half the members of our current elected and unelected government! Am I wrong?
      Once they are gone, remove the squishy RINO Republicans, and replace them with Constatutional concervatives. The democrat party must be recertified and membership made illegal. Prior members of the party who have been involved in government and education must be forever banned from future political office or educational positions.
      We must regain control of our schools and media. Civics government and citizenship classes mhst be returned to their curriculum.The radical communists and anarchists of the 60’s entered education, the media (print and film), and the law with one and only one object in mind; the overthrow of our Government and way of life. I remind you of the people who surrounded Obama; Bill Ayres, Bernadet Dohrn, and others. Anarchists, murderers and terrorists all. Look long and hard at both clintons and their radical pasts and their LONG tail of murders and suicides, look at Bernie and his honeymoon in Moscow. LOOK long and hard at the radicals who rabidly support these people. I could go on and on and ON but dont need to with you readers, but you must SHARE what you know
      With your friends family and children. Do NOT back down in the face of rabid family members, friends and acquantences. Fight back.

  4. Adam shifty Schiff is nothing more than a compulsive liar and Jerry Nadler is just a plan old bumbling idiot.


  5. Don’t be misled, Adamned Schiff, Pelosi, Nitty Nadler and the rest of
    their coup driven party aren’t trying to just destroy Pres Trump… they Re at war with America itself…(US) !
    Given sufficient opportunity they would create a new Venezuela in the northern hemisphere, all funded by the likes of Mike Bloomberg and George Sord

    • Nor are they stupid. Do NOT make the mistake of underestimating them. They know what they’re doing and they been doing it for a L O N G time. They offer those of us who aren’t wearing their public school blinders but the vast mass of ill-informed, could care less “voters”; legal and otherwise, ARE taken in by the radical left. It’s all they have heard read seen and been taught for DECADES.
      Like I said, we MUST regain control of our schools and media or all that we with our great President Trump have accomplished WILL be swept away in 2024, or perhaps
      A bit later, but it will happen. Fight back!

  6. This Clown is pure trash! Knows that the Democrats have no chance of defeating Donald Trump in 2020. Will do anything to try and stop his re-election. Lying, cheating, breaking laws, disobeying our constitution, and even trying to disavow our votes in 2016, and in the upcoming election! Belongs in prison!

  7. Hopefully by November enough voters in their districts will have heard enough from these liars to vote them out, Yes, every vote counts. We need to keep the voting to legal citizens, not “driver’s license” accidental registrations.

  8. Schiff is a liar and needs to be impeached and kicked out of the House. He should not even be allowed to be involved in the proceedings against President Trump. Schiff put money into the situation in the Ukraine and is trying to keep it hidden. He and his partners in this sham, Pelosi, Nadler, Waters, Schumer, Lynch, Clinton, Biden, Obama, and all the rest of the lying pieces of scum suckers are the problem in our country.

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