A Visa Ban for Iran? You Bet

President Trump promised more sanctions on Iran if they would not comply with dismissing their nuclear program and missiles testing programs.  Wednesday, during his press conference he addressed he ordered a visa ban on senior Iranian officials and family members.  They would not be allowed into the United States for any reasons including study, travel, or work.  The straw that broke the camels back was due to families of Americans who were imprisoned in Iran begged for years for the White House for some form of justice.

Four Americans are detained in Iran prisons, and the U.N. monitors and human rights groups call the detentions “arbitrary and baseless.”  In his speech, President Trump called out Iran for threatening peace in the Middle East and detaining American citizens.  He said, “I have determined that it is in the interest of the United States to take action to restrict and suspend the entry into the United States, as immigrants or nonimmigrants, of senior government officials of Iran, and their immediate family members.”

The most significant part of the order came as Robert O’Brien is now the National Security Adviser where he served previously as a special envoy for hostage affairs.  He held multiple meetings with lawyers and the families of those who are being held in Iran.  The relatives of the detainees gave a list of names who are currently living in the U.S. and who are family members of the Iranian officials, including President Hassan Rouhani.

A State Department spokesperson told NBC News, “For years the Iranian regime has criticized and worked against America while at the same time officials of the regime and their family members have quietly taken advantage of America’s freedom and prosperity including our excellent educational, employment, entertainment, and cultural opportunities here in the United States.”

The spokesperson continued, “Under this proclamation, senior regime officials and their families will no longer be allowed into the United States to reap the benefits of our free society while the Iranian people suffer under the Iranian regime’s corruption and mismanagement.”

Jason Poblete, a lawyer who worked to release Nizar Zakka, who was a legal U.S. citizen, was released after four years in Tehran prison.  He was released in June, and they call the move “long overdue.”  Poblete stated, “Access to the United States whether our financial system or visas is a privilege, not a right. This is a measured and long-overdue measure to hold malign actors to account.”

The order from the president was not clear if it applies to those who are already in the United States, but it definitely pertains to those who seek to come into our country.  The Department of Homeland Security and the Iranian mission to the U.N. was not available for immediate comment.

Among the war of words, the president’s proclamation came after Wednesday morning the U.N. General Assembly was addressed by the Iran President Hassan Rouhani where he called the U.S.’s move “merciless economic terrorism.”  Iran also denied the foreign nationals being in their prison due to there was no cause, and he continued to say, “those who detained undergo appropriate legal proceedings.”  Iran objected on any of the imprisonment of Iranians who violate U.S. sanctions, and they once again called the sanctions “illegitimate.”

Give it time, we can be sure the Democrats will step up to the plate and say something about this too.  President Trump has the best interest of the United States of America in mind whenever he does something this drastic.  Democrats see it as a violation of human rights or immigration.  The president is ready to get the job done on securing our nation, and he wants those prisoners released.

There is no mistake, Iran is not our friends.  They are a threat not only to America, but to our allies, and the world.  Who do we have to blame for giving Iran so much power?  Former President Barrack Obama and his filthy administration can take all of the blame because there is evidence he supported them throughout his entire presidency.  This is what allowed the defiance and ignorance from Iran.  All of this will come out in due time.  Just as Pelosi made the mistake of calling for impeachment inquiries, if it makes it to the Senate, it will be no holds barred.  Trumps administration and his legal team can rip the Democrats apart dating all the way back to former President Bill Clinton.  The coming months will be interesting to watch all of this unveil.

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