Chelsea Opens Her Big Mouth in Interview with Her Mom

The liberals are certainly crawling out from under their cockroach-infested rugs with the impeachment announcement. It seems like every liberal has some kind of proof that they believe would incriminate President Trump. The world has been blessed not hearing from Chelsea Clinton. Sadly, she has reared her ugly head on “The View.” She had a lot of bad things to say about the president. She said things that she does not even know about.

She broadcasted with her nappy head that President Trump’s “whole life has been a scam.” She said, “ I do believe that he’s the greatest scam in American political history.” It is like she is claiming that somehow President Trump is a robot pretending to be a human president. Thereby scamming the nation into believing he is real. No one can follow the insane thoughts that are rolling through her sick mind.

One can only wonder if she is in on drugs as she finished her statement, “I think his whole life has been a scam and I think, unfortunately — you know, people are suffering every day because his scam has thus far kind of asphyxiated at the highest levels.” She has to be using terminology that is she is familiar with. There is no doubt that she has tried to asphyxiate herself on drugs, so she can use that statement in a sentence.

The sad thing about Chelsea Clinton is what she believes in. She has been led by her criminal parents to believe that the Democratic way of life is the right way to live. She has been led to believe that those that disagree with her or have another opinion are the enemy. She has also stated that “I think about the country that they’re living in right now, and it’s not the country I want them to grow up in. You know, we learned last night that President Trump wanted to dig a ditch at the border and put an alligator in the ditch, shoot migrants in the leg.”

President Trump is using metaphor to describe the type of security that is needed at the border. He wants the world to know that he will do whatever it takes to protect this country. Clinton would have open borders and allow everyone from all over the world to invade and pillage the American people. For some strange reason, she and others like her believe that the world has mistreated certain people groups. She has said that “The depths of the cruelty and the inhumanity towards migrants, towards people of color, LGBT community, women are not the America that I want my kids or Abby’s kids or kind of any of our kids and grandkids to grow up in. I will do everything I can to ensure that is not the America that they grow up in.”

It should be interesting to know what she is going to do to “ensure that is not the America that they grow up in.” She will have to kill every Republican in the nation to have the crazy utopia that she and all other dumb Democrats want for themselves. Her statement left a wide-open threat to the rest of the country that opposes her views. And not a single person is calling her out on her threat.

When Clinton appeared on “The View” she was sitting with her criminal mother who is about to lose her freedom once the investigations begin into her criminal behavior. What is sad about her life is that she believes Trump is the reason for all the suffering. And yet under her beloved Obama, there was more torture and suffering for migrants than ever before as he approved the building of cages and removal of kids from parents.  President Trump inherited his mess and had to fix it all while at the same time being blamed for it all.

Not one single person cares what Hillary Clinton or Chelsea Clinton has to say. They came crawling out of the darkness only after these allegations surfaced. This will be the end of the Clinton’s as they will be convicted of treason and sent to prison.

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